A Guide To Choose The Loan Online Best, Professional, Reliable
A Guide To Choose The Loan Online Best, Professional, Reliable

A Guide To Choose The Loan Online Best, Professional, Reliable

PelajarWP – In today’s age of the bank is not the only financial institution lenders to the community. You can try the loan online best to get the fresh funds according to the needs.

Online loans provided by the company fintech alias financial technology start to become a part in the financial industry in Indonesia since 2016. One of the types of companies fintech is already quite well known is the Person to Person (P2P) as a provider of loan funds are investors who want to grow their capital.

Parent PelajarWP want to try alternative funding visitors? Refer to the information to complete!

Advantages Of Online Loan Than A Bank

A Guide To Choose The Loan Online Best
A Guide To Choose The Loan Online Best, Professional, Reliable

There are several advantages offered by the platform loans online is the best and fastest than the bank, namely:

First, the requirement of submission of online loan is relatively easier because it does not require that the prospective borrower has a credit card as well as the terms BI checking. Historical credit for this is often the reason for the rejection of an application for a loan by the bank.

Second, the process of melting pinjol also is brief, ranging from 24 hours to 3 days. Parent PelajarWP can compare with the period of the disbursement of the bank which can be 2 weeks.

Because it can be done via a smartphone app, the process of loan application is also more practical and easy. You do not need to visit the branch office directly.

Tips On Choosing The Best Online Loans

In order not to stuck being the victim company pinjol abal-abal adverse to you, look at first some tips on choosing a loan online best of 2020 here!

  1. Company Fintech Officially Registered in OJK

Make sure only choose partners fintech that has been legally registered in the Financial Services Authority. This means that in the operation of its business the company fintech supervised by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) ensure that all rules and regulations of the consumer protection done as it should be.

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To get a list of companies fintech official Parent PelajarWP can access a website AFPI (Association of Fintech Funding, With Indonesia), which oversees the entire fintech have obtained official permission.

  1. Provide Customer Service

Choose a fintech with a customer service that easily be reached anytime via phone, smartphone, email, to the address of the office. You will soon get help if you encounter problems. Fintech abal-abal generally do not have customer service.

  1. The Website and App Safe

The FSA requires the company loans the best online low interest offers website are secured. This is done with a few security measures on the site as well as the database in order to ensure the protection of customer data.

The system used by the company pass ISO certification in information technology from the competent institution and passed the audit.

Company Fintech Has Clearly Address

Don’t be tempted by the lure of the flower is lightweight and quick defrosting provided a company fintech. Do the checking, especially on the address of the office.

The entire fintech is registered legally on the FSA has a physical office address can be tracked easily.

Looking For Information on the Required Data

Need Parent PelajarWP know if the company fintech is only allowed to access the three points, namely location, camera, and microphone (location, microphone, and camera).

Company fintech legal and reliable under the supervision of the FSA will not publish the data of their customers.

Looking For Information On Interest Expense On The Loan

Everyone surely wants to partner with companies online loans low interest. You should not be careless in applying for a loan before knowing the amount of interest which becomes the obligation of you.

In accordance with the provisions of the FSA firm fintech only allowed to charge a maximum rate of 0.8% per day. If the accumulated magnitude of the interest on the loan is also prohibited achieve more than 100% of the loan value.

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Tips for Submission of Online Loans in the ACC
online loans

Application for funding you bigger chance for approval by the online loans 24 hours than the banks.

But this note a Parent PelajarWP can meet the filing requirements to complete. Here’s some tips to request a quick loan approved.

Submit the Requested Documents with Complete
Make sure the Parent PelajarWP upload documents as required. These documents generally KTP, slip gaji, NPWP, and other data.

Document illegal or data-data that is not complete will make the submission you are not accepted. In addition to complete, scan the document must also clearly and legibly, if there is a petition you can also fail the ACC.

Have a TIN
Parent PelajarWP must have a taxpayer identification Number (TIN) if you want to apply for funding pinjol. Possession of this document to prove that you are a worker who comply with tax obligations better.

So the level of confidence you will be getting better and opportunities in the ACC is also greater.

Meet The Requirements
A prospective borrower must meet the requirements set by the company Fintech, among others:

Age from 21 years old to 55 years old
Have proof of identity e-KTP asli
Have a steady income
If four points these requirements can be met’s submission of the loan will be in the ACC automatically.

The place of Residence Within the Service Area
In choosing a partner company Fintech make sure the area its services include domicile you. If not request you’ve certainly denied.

Phone number Contacted
The loan application can fail to be accepted if the phone number of the contact you gave me difficult to contact. This is because the company of difficulty to process the data verification through a phone number.

Well, Parent PelajarWP, don’t let trivial issues like this become a barrier the process of ACC.

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If the current Parent PelajarWP in need of funds to the educational needs of the fruit of the heart, PelajarWP is the best solution. We are a financial company that offers products of funding for special education costs.

Funding PelajarWP can be utilized for the payment of money base, semester, until the cost of the course. Only in the PelajarWP, you can get various advantages, namely the filing requirements for an easy, floral affordable, as well as low cost.

Visit the website PelajarWP to choose a product to funding the most fitting with the needs of you.

Thus a guide to choose the loan company online is best for you. Please choose the corporate partner funding will prevent you from the risk of becoming a victim fintech abal-abal.

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