How to Invest for Beginners, Recommendations, and Simulation of the Profits!

PelajarWPWarren Buffett’s entry into the ranks of the richest people of the 4th according to Forbes with a total wealth reached US$ 93,2 billion or around Rp 13.079 trillion. To be in a position to-4, Buffett is known already know how to both since I was 11 years old.

Not only Buffett, many of the billionaire who earned his fortune through investment. You see, the profit gained from the investment can make your wealth is increasing.

However, investment is also known as risk. Therefore, before you decide to invest in one of the instruments, the importance of you learn both to get the maximum profit.

Well, for those of you who are interested to know how the right investment, you should first understand the yuk understanding of the investment to the simulation calculation of the profit. Direct check out his review below.

What’s the investment?

How to Invest for Beginners, Recommendations, and Simulation of the Profits!
How to Invest for Beginners, Recommendations, and Simulation of the Profits!

Investment is one of the ways or methods that a person do to increase the amount of wealth he has. So, you as an investor invest some money into an investment instrument and benefit from the interest rate offered.

For example, you are investing in retail bonds of the state of Rp 10 million and earned a profit a flat rate of 6.2 percent each month. So, the advantage is that makes your substance is increasing.

Because that’s no wonder if many people who choose to make money through investment. No half-hearted, even not a few of them who dare to pour large sums of money for the sake of profit which is tempting.

But you don’t need to worry because you can also invest with capital which is minimal anyway. The advantages offered can also be maximized, as long as you are consistent and patient. Even Warren Buffett said that one of the keys to successful investment is patient and consistent.

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Why should it be both?

Investment indeed should have been done early. Unfortunately, not a few people who are reluctant to plunge to invest because it assumed that the investment was reserved only for the rich only.

Whereas there are many types of investment instruments that can be started with small capital. In fact, there are some effects that offer minimal capital, namely by just removing a few tens of thousand rupiah only.

One of them is the gold investment or more precisely savings gold. As it is known that you can invest in gold by buying a minimum of 0.01 grams of gold. If the price of gold per gram Rp 1 million, you only need to spend money Rp 10 thousand to start investing.

Even so you don’t need to lose heart because it is never too late to learn, including learning investment. For you beginners who want to plunge into the world of investment, you can start by investing in instruments effects paced minimal that is minimally invasive and also minimal capital.

The goal is to minimize the loss that will be you responsibility. When investing, you also can while learning the workings of the instrument effect where you invest to make a profit maximum.

You see, the principle of investment is the greater capital disbursed, the greater the advantage you get. That way, you can add funds investment you periodically and minimize loss by implementing investment strategy, one that is by diversifying investments which put the funds in a few investment instruments.

Recommendations of investment instruments

There are some recommendations instruments effects that you can choose when you want to start learning investment. Not just capital is small, the risk is that you will also not great. What? Here in between:

  1. Gold investment

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Until now, investment in gold is still be the belle of the many people who want to earn a lot of profit by investing. This is because, this type of investment this one its movement relatively stable, because it is not eroded by inflation. Even the price of gold annually continues to increase.

Unfortunately, not a few people who are reluctant to plunge into gold investment given the capital is large enough. But now you don’t need to worry anymore, because now you can be a gold investor, with the money of tens of thousands of dollars only. The trick is to savings in gold.

What’s a savings of gold?

Although the name of the savings gold does not mean you are saving money in the form of gold, but you’re saving to get gold. So, you can buy gold at a minimum of 0.01 grams which can be purchased at Pawn shops.

If the price of gold amounting to Rp 1 million, then by issuing money Rp 10 thousand you can already have the gold.

  1. Money market mutual funds

Money market mutual funds today are becoming increasingly popular among investors because of its performance continues to increase. In addition, money market mutual funds are also known with the risk and minimal capital, even can be started by simply removing a capital of Usd 50 thousand.

Although the return offered by mutual fund shares, but the flowers on top of the deposits. For example, just in the year 2019, the company investment manager Sucorinvest Sharia Money Market capable of providing gains of up to 7,06 percent. Beneficial isn’t it?

You see, money market mutual funds divert customer funds or investors to the sector of debt securities worth with a maturity of under one year and other securities.

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  1. Bonds

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Although not as popular as gold investments, but bond becomes one of the instruments is quite promising too. It’s got a guarantee from the government, the bonds also known as the risk is low and also the flat rate.

For example retail bonds that pay interest amounting to 6.4 percent, and savings bonds with a floating interest reach 6.75 percent. Generally, to plunge in investment this one you just need to set up a fund of $ 2 million and will benefit each month until the due time ends.

Simulation calculation of profits

So you are more sure and eager to instill your wealth in the stock market. The following simulation the calculation of the profit you will earn. We take the example of money market mutual funds yes.

If you’re a worker earning $ 10 million per month. How much is the amount of money you have to spend to invest?

According to a financial expert at once professor at Harvard University, Elizabeth Warren, ideally you divide your earnings to the three posts of finance. That is 50 percent for the needs of day-to-day, 20 percent diverted to investment and savings, and 30 percent for the needs of a lifestyle.

Then, you are advised to set aside money every month amounting to Rp 1 million for investment. So, how much advantage you get if you invest in the money market?

As quoted from the official website of the Bareksa, the performance of money market mutual funds in the last one year i.e. 2019 by 8.69 percent managed by the investment manager Danareksa Seruni Pasar uang Syariah.

Rp 1 million X 12 months = Usd 12 million

With a capital of Usd 12 million per year, you get a profit of Usd 12 million X 8.69 percent = Rp 1.042.800. However, these benefits have not yet intersected the cost of the investment manager of Rp 50 thousand.

Then, the net profits you get, amounting to Rp 1.042.800 – Rp 50 thousand = Rp 992.800.

How to develop your wealth

Plunge into the world of investing can indeed provide a wealth abound. Well, so that your money continues to grow, you can switch the investment profit you to play in the business sector.

However please be aware that one of the success factors in business is to choose a business sector that is always sought and needed by many people such as business in the field of education. Education has become a necessity of each to the provision for future

To make your effort more successful and thrive, you can apply for a loan in a company of financial technology that is indeed the process of filing is easy and quick, one of which is PelajarWP.

PelajarWP has a variety of loan products that you can choose according to your needs. The interest rate offered is also very competitive ranging from 1 percent.

What are the loan products in the PelajarWP?

what is it pintek

PelajarWP has two types of loans that you can choose according to your needs. What? Here in between:

  1. Working Capital Loan

A Working Capital loan is a loan used to improve and develop the educational facilities such as the renovation of classrooms and libraries, build a sports area and other.

You can get a loan of billions of dollars and can repay the payments up to 24 months. You will also be charged a flat rate of 0.9 percent to 2 percent, which is determined based on credit scoring.

  1. Funding PO

Funding PO or invoice financing is the funding to ensure the bill or invoice is running from customer that was used to meet the entire demand, such as the procurement laptop, stationery and others.

You had the opportunity to get a loan of a maximum of 80 percent of the bills or start from $ 50 million to billions of dollars with effective interest rates ranging from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent and the tenor of the loan reaches six months or following the maturity of the invoice.

How to submission of the loan in the PelajarWP?

Visit the official website of PelajarWP.
The contents of the entire form, which is available with the correct and complete.
Send a variety of documents necessary for the process of analysis and verification of credit by the PelajarWP.

If approved, the loan application you will be transferred to the registered account.

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